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Non-profit Incorporation

Khalsa Education Society is a nonprofit registered incorporation (Reg. No. A0059250F) and is not associated for the private gain of any person.

We are funded totally by your support. We recognize that sewa or selfless service is an integral part of our lives. Active participation in our community is a core element of our mission. We believe in an engaged citizenship into our organisation operations, our interactions with our community and in what and how we teach our future generations.

Direct Deposit: Khalsa Education Society Inc.
BSB: 063599 A/c 10734696.

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What happens with your money?

We are entirely supported through the donations of well wishers and the community. Your contribution is vital for us to continue with our mission of helping anyone to ‘Discover the Spirit Within’ and for our future goals, such as:

• Supporting new initiatives which are based on the Khalsa ideals and enhance humanity towards oneness and the Creator;
• Hiring of speakers who can reach a wider audience with the message of Guru Nanak’s spiritual revolution;
• Establish more events, such as seminars, Sikh heritage related activities across Australia;
• Make a range of children books, games, apps and resources with Khalsa being their foundation;
• Establish our team in accordance to demand e.g. administration, video editing, IT support, etc;

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