• Released to celebrate Vaisakhi 2017, this book is suitable for children aged 6+. This book is designed to engage and educate young children about the Sikh baptism ceremony - The Amrit Ceremony. The book is divided into 4 sections: What is Amrit? Preparing for Amrit Receiving Amrit Life after Amrit. Everything is explained in easy to read format and all text is written in both English & Punjabi. Children are invited to read, colour & learn!
  • A follow up book to our hugely successful Sikh Colouring Book for children. This book features question and answer style colouring pages which aims to teach children the basics of Sikhi. This book goes beyond the Sikh Colouring Book for Children by getting children to answer multiple choice questions on items associated with the Sikh Faith. Children are invited to colour and learn simultaneously! Product details: Produced for Children ages 3+ Publisher: Ranjeet Kaur ISBN: 978-0995666009 Language: English and Punjabi Product Dimensions: A4 size
  • gurmukhi punjabi coloring book haha Gurmukhi Punjabi book cover
    A comprehensive, interactive and fun way to learn the Gurmukhi Script.

    There are three words for every Gurmukhi alphabet with child-friendly border designs and illustrations.

    Each letter has its own specifically created writing sheet alongside the illustrated page.

    Over 85 pages of fun and learning!

  • Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first Guru of the Sikhs. He preached a message of equality and taught us to respect everybody regardless of their appearance or religion. This book highlights some of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's history and teachings. Young children are invited to colour and learn simultaneously. Product details: Publisher: Ranjeet Kaur ISBN: 978-0995666016 Language: English and Punjabi Product Dimensions: A4 size
  • Very First book aimed at children aged 3+.
    • This book features young Sikh boy and girl with a variety of situations
    • Punjabi and English descriptions to encourage children to learn both languages
    • Quality 165gsm paper (inside pages) to ensure no colour leakage onto other pages
    • Designed and printed in the UK
    Product details:  Publisher: Ranjeet Kaur Language: English and Punjabi ISBN: 978-1-5262-0399-1 Product Dimensions: A4 size