Whittlesea Crime Prevention & Community Safety Forum

SCAM calls, home security, hoon driving and domestic violence were just some of the concerns raised by residents at the Crime Prevention Information Session held at The Heritage Receptions in Epping,  yesterday on 22nd September 2016.

Organised by Khalsa Education Society Inc., the meeting was attended by nearly 45 residents including Whittlesea Councillor Mary Lalios.

Senior Sargent Peter Koger was joined by crime prevention officer senior constable Sandy O’connor and traffic officer constable Taqdir Deol.

In his short speech, Peter talked about the police availability and highway patrolling in the City of Whittlesea and said that the chances of closing Epping Police Station are very rare.

Sandy suggested security siren alarms be installed to help make homes safer and said an action plan should be in place at every household for their safety against intruders.

Constable Taqdir Deol talked through the road safety measures and the importance of driving within speed limits. He said that it is critical not to use mobile phones while driving and seat belts to be fastened all times. He also mentioned about the new high-tech BlueNet Police cars embedded with automatic number plate recognition technology to allow police to proactively target disqualified.

Councillor Mary Lalios touch-based about Domestic violence issues in the City of Whittlesea and talked through personally with the victims and advised them about various support groups available.

An onsite Security gadgets display was also presented by Dhillon Networks at the event.

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