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The theme of this book club is Sikhism.

Bhai Vir Singh Book Club is aimed mainly for individuals who have a passion for reading and who are keen to also catch up with their reading on ‘Sikh books’. Though one need not be a Sikh to join the book club, one must know that the books we choose to read will be on the theme of Sikhism.

By Sikh books, we mean books on different aspects of Sikhism written from historical, political, social, cultural, theological or philosophical perspectives. We will read books from different genres such as  academic, novel, memoir, collection of essays, fiction, etc., and books will be chosen to cover a wide range of topics with all participants having a say in the selection of books. Where possible, each book may also have accompanying readings such as biography of the author, or critiques of the book in case of a controversial book.

Our goal is to read one book each month, and then get together once a month to discuss the book and gain a deeper understanding of that book. As a group, we will decide the location and time of meetings. We will take turns hosting the discussions each month. In case someone cannot host the discussion at his or her place, we will get together in a cafe or library. We intend to keep it a small group so as to have a meaningful discussion where all can participate.

Why Join?

We believe this book club will:

  • give us a structure to aid our reading (at the end of year, we will have read and discussed at least twelve books)
  • bring us in touch with other avid readers in Sikh community
  • broaden our understanding of Sikh community and religion
  • through our discussions, give us different perspectives on the same book
  • help us explore and discuss difficult topics in a friendly environment
  • provide us with information (titles, summaries, reviews) about the Sikh books out there

Are you ready?

By joining the book club, you will be committing to reading the monthly book, attending the monthly meeting and participating in the discussion of the book.

Join Bhai Vir Singh Book Club